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Become a Sponsor: 5th Annual Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference

Back-to-School, Inc.
Saturday, August 1, 2015
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (EDT)
Fayetteville, NC

Back-to-School, Inc. is a national nonprofit that understands the needs of teens throughout the nation. We are seeking local businesses, community organizations and citizens to serve as sponsors for the 5th Annual Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference©. Becoming a sponsor shows your support and understanding that...

  • Leaving summer vacation for school can be tough for teens!

  • Going back to school means giving up free time and sleeping in!

  • It can be hard to adjust a laid-back summer attitude to the more academic school mindset!

Getting ready for school before it starts can help ease the TRANSITION without taking away any of the SUMMER FUN! The 5th Annual Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference© is the PREMIER end of summer event that encourages teenagers to plan for a successful school year and apply themselves at the highest level upon going back to school.

The goal of the Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference© is to bridge school success with college and career readiness by providing a learning event for tweens and teens in the Sandhills Region of North Carolina. The conference empowers teens to embrace personal school achievement and life beyond high school by linking teens to real life opportunities to meet local business owners and participate in activities relevant to their future.

SPONSORSHIP LEVELS AVAILABLE: Premier Sponsor, Lunch Sponsor, Breakfast Sponsor, Senior Success Sponsor, Parent Lunch & Learn Sponsor, Small Business Sponsor/Nonprofit Sponsor, Making a Difference Sponsor, Community Citizen Sponsor.

A-LA-CART SPONSORSHIP: Exhibitor Refreshments, Registration Materials, Door prizes, School supplies, Vending, and Advertisement.

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