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Raising Academics to Another Level


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Teresa Thompson-Pinckney

Back-to-School, Inc.


Raising Academics to Another Level

with the 4th Annual Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference©

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (July 14, 2014) –Back-to-School, Inc. is sponsoring the Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference© on August 2, 2014 at the Westover Recreation Center, 10:00am-2:00pm. The purpose of the Conference is to provide an annual end of summer event that encourages teenagers to plan for a successful school year and apply themselves at the highest level upon going back to school.

Leaving summer vacation for school can be tough for teens. Going back to school means giving up free time and sleeping in, and it can be hard to adjust a laid-back summer attitude to the more academic school mindset. However, getting ready for school before it starts can help ease the transition without taking away any of the fun of summer. Teens who attend the Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference© will participate in a wide variety of activities:

16 Student Success Concurrent Sessions (Topics Include)

“Uncut Social Media” – Protecting Your Image

“Why Do I have to Learn this Stuff?”- Tips for School Survival

“Life Beyond High School” - Preparing for College

“Show me the Money”- Financial Literacy

“The Job Search - Where can Teens Find a Job?

Teen Café Workforce Lunch

Hands on Interactive STEM Related Activities

(Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Community, Career & Vendor Expo

Premier Sponsors for the Back-to-School Teen Explosion Conference© include The Fayetteville Observer, City of Fayetteville, Fayetteville/Cumberland Parks & Recreation, Blue Ink, Jade quality Care, Inc., Great Oak Youth Development Center and T. Pinckney & Associates. Other contributors include Chipotle, McDonalds, Party City, and Walmart.

For additional information regarding registration, please visit or contact us at 910-764-8336 (TEEN) or

Background: Back-to-School, Inc. is a national nonprofit whose mission is to develop and support efforts that increase academic success for students. Back-to-School, Inc. provides teen conferences/summits, conducts youth development research, and advocates for all children to have a quality education.

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